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Privacy Policy

We partner with Thomson Reuters, who might also collect data as part of our marketing efforts. To learn more about the Thomson Reuters privacy policy and the data that might be collected, please visit: Thomson Reuters Privacy Statement.

At Harper Law your privacy is vital and a priority.  Harper Law will not collect any personal information about you unless you provide it, or it is with your permission.  Personal client information is routinely gathered to assist in the handling of your claim.  Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be shared where necessary to further your claim, or as required by law or court rule.  At no time will your personal information be sold, shared or made available to third parties without your consent.  At the conclusion of your claim or involvement of Harper Law, your file materials, records, exhibits, photographs, video or other evidence shall be maintained and preserved by Harper Law for a minimum of two years.  During that time you may request your file and its contents be returned to you.  Any file materials maintained by Harper Law are generally destroyed after two years.