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Fair Compensation For Auto Accident Injuries

Serious motor vehicle accidents are relatively rare in the Lansing area. But they do happen. And when they do, one or more of the people involved can suffer from painful, long-lasting injuries that reduce their independence and quality of life.

Following a car accident, you may be faced with mounting medical and therapy costs, lost wages, loss of enjoyment and quality of life, future pain and suffering, and the loss of your vehicle. The costs associated with your treatment, and the economic losses you may suffer due to your injuries can be overwhelming. Mark has been serving people in the Greater Lansing and mid-Michigan communities for two decades, and has recovered more than $10 million dollars for his clients since establishing Harper Law in 2011. Mark is a small-town lawyer with tremendous experience, and his commitment and compassion for his clients is best expressed by his former clients:

“when we needed legal help, Mr. Harper not only met, but exceeded our expectations at every turn.” – Brett B.

“Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about the excellent representation you provided us.” – Robert S.

Get Help Confronting A Trucking Company After A Severe Accident

Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks pass through Williamston on Interstate 96 and M-43 daily. These huge, powerful vehicles can cause a lot of damage if the driver loses control. More importantly, they can seriously injure you and your loved ones.

While any auto accident can harm you, a trucking accident can be particularly violent. Your car, truck or SUV is likely no match for the size and force of an 18-wheeler crashing into you at highway speeds. The resulting medical bills, lost wages while you are off work and other costs can be overwhelming for most families. When a victim seeks compensation, the trucking company and their insurance company often resist paying a fair settlement.

Trucking accident litigation often involves a third party besides yourself and the truck driver. If the driver caused your wreck while in the course of their work duties (such as delivering goods or raw materials in their truck), their employer may also be liable for your injuries. This option can greatly increase the amount of money you can recoup from an insurance claim.

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