Welcome to Harper Law

Mark C. Harper is available to assist individuals, families and healthcare providers with No-Fault (PIP) insurance matters, personal injury claims and general civil litigation.  Contact Mark today with any questions you have about Michigan No-Fault (PIP) benefits, personal injury claims or other legal matters.  Let Mark explain your legal rights and help you understand what you can do if you have been injured or involved in an accident.  Simply call 517-230-3315. Consultations are FREE.  


Do I Need An Attorney?

You may or may not need to hire an attorney, depending on your situation.  However, consulting an attorney is highly recommended if you have questions about the law or your rights following an accident, even years later.  Even if you do not need to hire an attorney, a free consultation is advised. 


Knowing whether or not you need an attorney is often the first question clients have.  The thought of meeting with or hiring an attorney can be stressful.  However, if you contact Mark C. Harper, you will speak or meet with him personally, without stress or pressure.  Mark will take the time to listen to your concerns and discuss your situation before answering your questions and explaining your legal rights and options.  This consultation and advice is free, and only after meeting with Mark will you decide how you would like to proceed, or if hiring a lawyer is the right choice.

Why Mark C. Harper?

Mark C. Harper has been in private practice for 20 years and has recovered more than ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00) for his clients since forming Harper Law in 2011.  He cares about injured people and healthcare providers.  Mark's vast experience as a trial attorney includes personal injury claims, automobile No-Fault (PIP) benefits cases, insurance matters, real estate disputes and other legal issues which may prove essential to you.  Your initial consultation and advice is free.  Mark is available to answer any questions you have, and if he is unable to assist you, he may be able to recommend another attorney who can. 


Call Mark directly today at 517-230-3315 and leave a message with the best number to reach you.  Mark tries to return all calls personally within 24 hours.  You may choose to leave a short message about your situation, or simply request a call back. Mark is also happy to respond to email inquiries if that's better for you.  Simply email Mark at mark@harper-law.com and he will usually respond the same day. 




What We Offer

Mark C. Harper handles a wide variety of legal matters, while specializing in No-Fault auto insurance claims and personal injury cases.  Call or email Mark today to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.  If you simply have questions about a legal matter, feel free to call or email Mark for free advice.  If you don't need to hire Mark, there is no charge for his free advice or time.